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About Us

We have a passion for teaching and learning. Our education is based on the belief that anyone can achieve anything, provided they are motivated by the right people. We strive to be those people.

We understand the importance of education. To be trusted with your child’s education means the world to us.

We exclusively work with approved and qualified tutors, who are not only experts in the field, but are also experienced teachers who care about their students.

Our Services

We offer a range of services. Read more about how we work by clicking on the options.


A one-to-one tutoring session with our experienced tutors, tailored to the student’s needs. These lessons are 1 hour in length and you get access to our lesson resources. 

IA / EE Feedback

Get detailed written feedback on your IA, lab report, extended essay that will help you improve. Click “read more” to find out what approach may suit you best.


Theory of Knowledge is the subject feared by many. Unlike you may think, there is a formula to excel. Both written feedback and live sessions are popular with our students.


We provide advice and feedback on the admissions process for UK universities; whether you need feedback on your personal statement or interview preparation.

Why Choose Us

We understand the journey

Whatever stage you may be at. We developed a diagnostic testing method that visualises and tracks the student’s performance. Because we care.

Qualified and experienced

We understand that having qualifications doesn’t make you a great teacher. That is why our tutors have an understanding of learning and are experienced teachers.

Resources to excel

We have unique lesson materials and comprehensive practice resources for you to use. 

Above and beyond

We don’t just want you to do well in your exams, we want to equip you with the skills for university too. We teach transferrable skills and offer support with university applications.


Learning from Anna has inspired me to pursue my interests in biology and chemistry for the future, especially during the IAs, through which I learned how to do effective research and data analysis. Me and my parents are extremely glad to have found Anna.

- Madhav (student)

Anna is incredibly helpful and perfectly tailors her lessons to target your difficulties. She creates really helpful analogies and explains every concept in a clear and concise manner, and always finds innovative ways to help you remember new notions!

- Alya (student)

Thanks to Anna I could relax more and be more confident about the upcoming exams.

Anna has also helped me with my TOK Essay which I was enormously weak at. After following her instructions and advice, I could score an unbelievable 10/10 from that essay!

- Hala (student)

You can see Anna is genuinely concerned that the student does well. She is great with communication to both student and parent, and empathetic and understanding.

Anna is the best tutor we have had.

- Clarissa (parent)

If you can dream it, you can do it.

- Walt Disney