Need some clarifying explanations on topics you find difficult or can’t quite grasp yet? Want some help revising in preparation for your tests or exams?

With the world wide web to our availability, live tutoring online is available to everyone, no matter where you live! I have been teaching in this style for a while and it has many advantages. Loading papers online to fill them in or drawing on the digital board using a drawing tablet makes online tuition very effective!

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to learn a subject from scratch, just need some assistance with difficult topics, or need help revising. I create lesson materials, tailored to fit your needs!

Still unsure? Read some experiences of other students or read some more about me!

Interested in live tuition? Contact me to find out more about the possibilities and let me know what you would like help with! We will arrange a free session to meet and discuss the options!

Lessons are 1 hour in length and are just €49.99. To book a session, click on the button below.