Looking to study medicine or already applied and excited to get started? Look no further! Besides IB tuition, How To IB has medical school preparation classes available, open to IB, A-Level, and Higher students!

One to one or small group tuition during the summer can help you get ahead within the field of medicine. Whether you are wanting to find out if studying medicine is for you, or already wanting to get ahead on studying medicine at university, these summer classes will be great for you!

In this summer course you will learn the basics of major medical fields like Cardiology, Neurology and Endocrinology (the heart, the brain and hormones) in 7 small group or private sessions online. We will touch on physiology (how the body normally works), pathophysiology (what goes wrong in disease) and pharmacology (how we treat it). At the end of the course there is an optional assessment you can complete to receive your certificate.

Currently the regular courses are not running (expected to be back this summer!) but private lessons can be scheduled. Please get in touch for more information!