I contacted Anna for feedback on my IAs. Once I got my texts returned I found comments everywhere in my text, thoroughly describing what I did well and how I could make improvements. When it was something I didn’t understand factually or if I got stuck, Anna looked at it within an hour or two – Anna is truly diligent and knowledgeable.

- Filip (student)

Anna was a fantastic tutor and helped me to understand Chemistry concepts I couldn’t previously grasp!

- Ellie (student)

She always gave me a detailed and thorough feedback on each of the paperworks I submitted. After I received my results, I noticed that all the coursework that Anna had checked got me nothing lower than 6-7s.

- Hala (student)

Anna has been a wonderful teacher and a great friend during the 2 years of my IB, Anna supported me in every way possible for biology and chemistry, allowing me to achieve great results.

- M (student)

Learning from Anna has inspired me to pursue my interests in biology and chemistry for the future, especially during the IAs, through which I learned how to do effective research and data analysis. Me and my parents are extremely glad to have found Anna.

- Madhav (student)

Anna is incredibly helpful and perfectly tailors her lessons to target your difficulties. She creates really helpful analogies and explains every concept in a clear and concise manner, and always finds innovative ways to help you remember new notions!

- Alya (student)

Thanks to Anna I could relax more and be more confident about the upcoming exams.

Anna has also helped me with my TOK Essay which I was enormously weak at. After following her instructions and advice, I could score an unbelievable 10/10 from that essay!

- Hala (student)

You can see Anna is genuinely concerned that the student does well. She is great with communication to both student and parent, and empathetic and understanding.

Anna is the best tutor we have had.

- Clarissa (parent)

Anna helped me throughout my entire IB Chem HL course. Her endless patience and thorough explanations and as well as her countless approaches to make concepts more accessible, majorly contributed to my success in the IB diploma as well as in Chemistry as an individual subject.

- Marie (student)

My son is responding very positively to Anna’s well structured lessons. He has had three tutorials and already feels more comfortable with the material that he found challenging in the IB programme.

- Cameron (parent)

Anna is amazing, we really solved all the problems that I had and we continued improving my plan for the TOK Essay. It felt very clear. She explained super well which makes each lesson fun. Thanks!

- Gabriella (student)

Anna is really sweet, and makes you feel comfortable when asking not so smart questions. I like her teaching style, and her patience when teaching, I will continue to study with her.

- Nafisa (student)

Amazing help! Extremely kind, helpful, and efficient and would definitely recommend.

- Samia (student)

Very good. Questions are always helpful and Anna is always very flexible on your personal learning style.

- Cameron (student)

I understand Anna better than my school teacher, and I learn a lot in the online lessons which is good.

- Yara (student)

Anna was, as always, fantastic. She is very interesting to learn from and makes the experience enjoyable.

- Warwick (student)

Very solid feedback received for the written session. Anna’s own knowledge in Biology also added a lot to her feedback and allowed her to give precise and targeted criticisms on the introductory section of my paper.

- Aramis (student)

Anna is very supportive and her resources have been very useful for my daughter. She is also a very good teacher.

- Nitin (parent)

Very informative and resourceful, the lesson resources were also prepared very well and offered lots of practice.

- Chaing (student)

Amazing! TOK has never felt more clear!

- Sofia (student)