“Anna has helped me a lot during my IB2. She is an excellent tutor not just in teaching and explaining theories/concepts in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry but also great at preparing for the exams and improving paperworks/assessments.

To me, Anna was particularly helpful when I was doing my internal assessments. She always gave me a detailed and thorough feedback on each of the paperworks I submitted. She usually leaves thorough comments on every single detail within the paperwork and sometimes she even writes paragraphs/pages of text explaining how I can improve something tricky within my paper. After I received my results, I noticed that all the paperworks that Anna had checked got me nothing lower than 6-7s.

Some weeks before my exam, I made appointments with her to discuss about last minute exam skills, especially on subjects such as English, Chemistry, etc. Thanks to her I could relax more and be more confident about the upcoming exams. Anna has also helped me with my TOK Essay which at first I thought I was enormously weak at. In her first feedback, she told me that I was making great points and just needed some improvements here and there. After following her instructions and advices, I could score an unbelievable 10/10 from that essay!

Overall, she is an excellent tutor and a friend. Since she herself has done the IB (unlike most teachers in IB schools), she connects and empathises with students effortlessly. She can also easily see where the student needs improvements. I truly – from the bottom of my heart – recommend her!”

– Hala (Germany)

“Anna is incredibly helpful and perfectly tailors her lessons to target your difficulties and queries. She knows the curriculum by heart which is incredibly helpful and is comfortable with discussing each topic in depth. She creates really helpful analogies and explains every concept in a clear and concise manner, and always finds innovative ways to help you remember new notions! She will also devout extra time to ensure everything is understood and you’re comfortable with the topic. Overall, a really great tutor!”  

– Alya (France)

“Anna was a fantastic tutor and helped me to understand Chemistry concepts I couldn’t previously grasp!”

– Ellie (Germany)

“After I had received feedback on my IA first draft and corrected its faults I contacted Anna who instantly set off to work on providing me more feedback. Once I got my text returned I found comments everywhere in my text, thoroughly describing what I did well and how I could make improvements. When it was something I didn’t understand factually or if I got stuck on something Anna looked at it within an hour or two – Anna is truly diligent and knowledgeable.”

 – Filip (Sweden)